The Airedale Terrier is the biggest and the best, the “King” of terriers. Physically the Airedale is rough and tough, hardy and strong, with an abundance of energy and stamina. He is intelligent and courageous, loyal and trustworthy. The Airedale was breed to think independently and those of us who love him say he is quite the trickster.


Few dogs have been used successfully for so many diverse tasks. Airedales have hunted game of all size, from birds to raccoons to bear and lion. He was used as a messenger in World War I, he has been trained as a police dog, and he has successfully worked as a sled dog. He is a remarkable companion for children. Today you will find Airedales in working/hunting competitions, obedience and agility trials, working as therapy dogs, training for search and rescue and competing in Schutzhund. There is almost nothing the Airedale cannot be taught if his trainer has the slightest gift for teaching.


As a companion, the Airedale is alert and protective without being aggressive. A mid-sized dog, he requires abundant exercise and mental stimulation. Confident and outgoing, the Airedale thrives when included in every family activity.